How quickly can I learn how to dance Salsa? 

This is a very common question.  This really depends on the student.  However, If the student is committed to mastering the timing, the basic steps and dances at least once a week.  He or She could become a confident dancer in 6 to 8 months.  Private lessons and regular social dancing is the best way to accelorate the learning process.  Please contact us for more info about our Private lessons. 



Whats the difference between Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia?

This is another a very common question.  The short answer is that these are three of the many different types of Latin music.  They each have a different rhythm and different associated dance steps.  Salsa can be distiguished from the others by its unique jazzy swing and its 2-3 or 3-2 rhythm or "CLAVE". The more you listen to these different types of Latin music, you will become better at recognizing the differences between them.


Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


Do you take reservations?

Absolutely!  Click here to make reservations. Or call or text 210-367-8996.


I don't like to count, can't I just dance to the music?

Sure, you don't have to intentionally learn the count or "rhythem" in order to learn how to dance Salsa.  Furthermore, you may fully enjoy yourself and have a great dance experience without ever actively learning about 123-567 or whatever count you dance on.  However, if you dance on time, whether you realize it or not, you have passively or subconciously learned the count.  A good Salsa instructor will teach the students to intentionally learn the count.  With time, the actual counting fades away.  This will allow the student to quickly master the dance and have a deeper understanding of both the dance and rhythm changes in the music.  


Is Salsa kind of like Zumba?

Some Zumba classes may include Salsa music from time to time, yet the steps are not intended to teach you how to dance salsa with or without a partner.  Most of the footwork in Zumba, ie., sliding, skipping, jogging motion, is not typical Salsa dance footwork.


I attend the free Salsa lessons at the club and I've been dancing for years.  What could I possibly learn from a dance lesson?

In my opinion there really is no right or wrong way to dance because dance is about self expression.  Dance lessons are not for everyone, they are for those who want to take their dance experience to another level which is not necessarly a better level as that is a relative term.  However, if you feel this way I would recommend that you consider taking a real Salsa dance class or two.  If you have an open mind, you may find that there are some areas of your dance that could use some tweeking.  Its possible that a little coaching could make the dance more enjoyable for you and your partner.


I've taken a few lessons why should I take private lessons?

Private lessons are the best way to master a particular aspect of your dance.  For example, during the lesson you may focus on turning, leading, or a specific turn pattern.  Privates are intended to help the student have a breakthrough in their dance level or confidence level, which ultimately equates to an increase in their level of enjoyment.  Our private lessons are reasonably priced and guaranteed. Please contact us about booking private lessons today. 


What kind of shoes do I need to wear?

As a beginner you don't need to purchase expensive dance shoes unless you have an issue with arch support or something of that nature.  At this level this level as long as the shoes are comfortable, stay on your feet, and do not provide a lot of traction, you will be ok. No tennis shoes, and Ladies please do not dance in sandles, narrow highheels, or slip-ons.  If you are an Intermediate / advanced level dancer interested in shopping for a great pair of dance shoes, please visit our store. We have a wide selection!


How do I know when to start?

This question is related to timing and sense of rhythm.  The more you listen to the music you will begin to develop an ear for the rhythm and you will be able to hear the beat and know when to start.  It all begins with listening to the music. 


Do I need to bring a partner?

No, you do not need to bring a partner.  If this remains a concern for you please contact us before the class to make special arrangements.


Do I have to switch partners?

No, you will not be required to switch partners.  However, occasionally the Instructor may ask students to breifly switch partners in order to help the students develop their lead and following skills.   If this remains a concern for you please contact us before the class to make special arrangements.


What if I have "two left feet" and no rhythm, can I still learn how to dance Salsa?

Yes, you absolutely can!  Our Group Lessons on Saturday are Basic and Intermediate level lessons.  The Basic Lessons are designed to take a student "from zero to dancing" in 2 hours!  We have a great track record in doing just that. It may take some patients and practice on your part, however you can learn how to dance Salsa!   


Do you teach Bachata?

Yes, we teach Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, and Bachata.  However, the Group Lesson at Azuca on Saturday is a Salsa Lesson.  If you would like info about the other dance styles please contact us.


Salsa is all in the hips right?

Not really, although it appears that it is.  Salsa is actually all about timing and footwork.  As you begin to master the timing, and learn the proper positioning of your arms and sholders, you will discover that all of that movement that you thought was in the hips is but an illusion. You must attend a class for the details on this one.  However, for now just keep dancing and please stay on time... Mueve la Cintura! 


Is it better to dance On-1 or On-2?

This question makes reference to the two most prominent Salsa dance styles in the U.S. ( On-1 or LA Style and On-2 or NY Style).  The 1 and 2 refers to the count upon which the dancer chooses to break forward onto his/her left foot.  In my opinion its great to learn both styles as certain songs may tend to call for one particular style over another. Yet neither style is better that the other, its all Salsa. At Azuca we teach On-2 .


I was born and raised in Salsaland, I don't need to take Salsa lessons do I?

This is a great question!  In my opinion, no one needs to take dance lessons.  Seeking out professional dance instruction is a choice, and people choose to do so for various reasons.  Ultimately the purpose of dance lessons is to either learn how to dance or to enhance your current dance experience.  If you have grown up around Salsa music, you may have developed an ear for the rhythm.  Which would be great but there is no guarantee that this happened.  Likewise you probably grew up dancing with friends and relatives that knew what they were doing, or maybe not. My advice would be to approach dance lessons with an open mind.  Perhaps those turns could be a little smoother or there are some patterns out there that you don't know about that would fit your personality like a glove. Why not check it out? Find an instuctor that you like and setup a lesson or two.